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What is Quinn?

Quinn is a website/mobile app where you can listen to audio erotica.

What is audio erotica?

Audio erotica can be sexy stories, guided masturbation, dirty talk, and more! Our audios are designed to help you get there, easier.

What happened to the website? Where did _____ audio go?

We gave the website a big refresh based on learnings from our previous beta sites and lots of your feedback! Find some of our old audios in "Quinn Audio Archives."

I thought Quinn was free! What is the $4.99 for?

Quinn was free for the first two years while we experimented with our content and website. Now, we need resources to pay creators and grow our company!

What are “voices"?

"Voices" are what we call the creators of our audios. You can read a brief description of a creator in their bio. Favorite the creators you like best so you can come back to them.

I'm new to Quinn. What audio should I listen to first?

Check out our "newbie" playlist for good starter audios. Enjoy!

How can I cancel my subscription? How can I delete my account?

To cancel your subscription/see your subscription status, go to your account page. Please email support@tryquinn.com to delete your account.

I'm a creator and I can't find my profile/audios! What happened?

We now only offer audios from verified creators. If you would like to become a verified creator, please email content@tryquinn.com. If you are looking for an old post/audio file, please email content@tryquinn.com and we will do our best to help.

I want to work for Quinn!

Amazing -- we are hiring on our tech, content, and marketing teams! Email support@tryquinn.com with "hiring" in the subject line :)

I want to be a Quinn creator.

Awesome! Please reach out to content@tryquinn.com and include a short sample of your voice (doesn't have to be erotic). Right now, we are working through a high volume of creator inquiries, so please expect delays. We appreciate your patience!

Conventional visual pornography isn’t designed to make women feel good 😞
while nearly two billion women routinely masturbate 👌 , 
the majority use their imaginations...💭
quinn is a sexual
 wellness app built for women by women 💖
it’s a platform for hot, ethical erotic audio. 💦 let’s get wet

Caroline Spiegel—Founder & CEO

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