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Hey there. I make roleplay audios with romance/relationship themes. Everything I post here is written, recorded and edited by me. xx BF (**Not to be confused with Bad Influence)
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A late-night Tinder notification leads to a new connection with
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Not to come on too fast, but I think I really like you. [M4F] [M
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Hey, we could do ramen or poke — what's it going to take? [M4F]
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Let’s spoon and I’ll make you breakfast after? [M4F] [Boyfriend
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I think we may have overdone it on the margaritas last night… [M
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You've cornered me again, but now we have all the privacy we nee
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We're on the same team — our shared objective is your pleasure.
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You open up to me about insecurities, and I insist on reassuring
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I've been feeling so pent up lately. I really need you right now
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You can't have a book like this lying around and *not* read it.
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You catch me on a bad day at work. I'm in desperate need of stre
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I come home to find you in a bad mood, but I'm having none of it
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I've just moved in, and you accidentally leave the door open whi
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Honestly, it feels almost like you were made for this. [M4F] [Ac
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We're tipsy at your brother's wedding and we finally discuss tha
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Unable to sleep, you turn to me for assistance. [M4F] [Accent] [
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You have an unexpected run-in with your brother's best friend at
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I don't usually run into my clients out in the "real world." Thi
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The sky is so clear here. Do you want to maybe sit and watch the
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I think our relationship might be developing into something seri
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The fireplace is softly crackling and gentle music is playing. L
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I like clear boundaries — what is given and what is expected in
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I haven’t seen you since my goodbye party. [M4F] [MDom] [Accent]
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I need to switch my brain off work-mode. [M4F] [Boyfriend] [MDom
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It's the day after our unexpected reunion, and you're ready to p
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You know my work on here — role-plays, narratives, in character.
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A playful power struggle takes place after you accidentally find
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I'm here on business, actually. [M4A] [Accent] [Coffee Shop] [St
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This table is discrete — that's why I asked for it. [M4F] [Dinne
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I'm rather taken with you, actually. [M4F] [First Date] [App Dat
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It's not my job to tell you who you can or can't talk to. I have
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Do you mind if I join you in here? Sorry I know it's a bit cramp
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Your first app date after a difficult break-up. [M4F] [First Dat
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A late-night Tinder notification leads to a new connection with
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