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We were perfect together, and every day I regret letting you go.
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It was nice to see you last week. It’s been a long time since I
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Warning: Voice Assistant is not a person and does not have feeli
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It's raining outside, so you and I are stuck inside trying to fi
62,637 plays
I take you out to my favorite restaurant for a fun date night. [
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I'm not sure the best way to explain this...well, there's someon
13,365 plays
The Diamond Hotline, here for you whenever you need a little hel
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Ignore the storm outside—just listen to me. [M4F] [Rough] [Breed
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Your evil co-worker has no idea what she's talking about, baby.
62,352 plays
I think you're ready to step up and take control of the company.
13,204 plays
I got you a present—try it on for me. [M4F] [Pet Names] [First T
25,608 plays
You've heard of the reclusive Dr. Henry Jekyll, and heard rumors
16,310 plays
We've known each other through centuries, and I'm so glad I've f
17,691 plays
The only way to weather this storm is to stay close to you. [M4F
30,239 plays
I've been stuck in email chain after email chain—I'm so glad we
32,688 plays
You've been taking medication to suppress your heat. [M4F] [ABO]
25,295 plays
There's nothing wrong with getting dressed up for yourself. I ju
28,676 plays
You’re a tornado of crime no man could contain. Finally, after o
12,902 plays
I don’t need to see you — let me just feel you. [M4F] [Lots of P
27,521 plays
A late night knock on your door from a face you had forgotten. [
18,533 plays
We're stuck together in a broken down car in the middle of a sno
42,392 plays
You and your boyfriend are moving to a brand new home in a new s
18,053 plays
How long have you been thinking about doing this? [M4F] [Roommat
95,123 plays
As long as you keep behaving I'm going to take such good care of
40,633 plays
It's always so lovely getting to fall asleep with you in my arms
19,841 plays
Here, let me help you clean that up. [M4F] [Praise] [MSub] [FDom
30,863 plays
Your subby boyfriend finds out a secret you've been hiding. [M4A
30,741 plays
The company you've been working at is filing for bankruptcy, and
14,669 plays
I just needed to hear your voice—I miss you so much. [M4F] [BFE]
27,155 plays
You have had the most wonderful day, far away from work, full of
9,862 plays
I accept my girlfriend's challenge via a game of cards. What hap
16,093 plays
You've been wanting to try an intimate massage, to try being ope
10,145 plays
You slip me a note at a New Year's party. [M4F] [Strangers to Lo
11,456 plays
A quiet night with my head between your it should be
24,896 plays
Let’s race up that hill, and whoever wins gets to choose somethi
15,258 plays
You've been so busy taking on new and bigger projects at the bus
8,835 plays
A tale as old as time...a merman trying to get laid. [M4F] [Narr
6,375 plays
You have really changed since I last saw you, but I see you stil
34,954 plays
We are in the middle of an intense scene and you use our safe wo
9,116 plays
As always, our summer vacation has been such a great time. But n
25,687 plays
You're up late in the middle of the night, a flurry of sin and r
13,307 plays
We're running late for our reservation, but I really don't mind.
9,832 plays
You used to be a regular at my bar and a trip back home means we
8,390 plays
You always know exactly what I want for my birthday. [M4F] [Boyf
19,928 plays
I don't want you to tease me, I want you to do what you're told.
32,722 plays
Can we just take a quiet moment alone away from my family? [M4F]
26,171 plays
On the second morning of our perfect anniversary vacation, you w
5,674 plays
A new app from Electronic Life Industries (E.L.I.) has been adde
8,022 plays
Did the movie really freak you out that much? [M4F] [Pillow Figh
43,913 plays
We are out for a stroll in the park when a cute guy walks by and
27,702 plays
Your birthday is fast approaching, and you just have to know wha
15,624 plays
Are you making cookies? Fuck yeah. [M4F] [Licking the Spoon] [Te
27,428 plays
Just relax baby, and I'll do all the work. [M4F] [Oral] [Calm] [
100,574 plays
Have you ever been on this train before? [M4F] [In Public] [Moan
79,304 plays
What's a better way to relax than with a beautiful picnic in the
17,184 plays
You know you're not supposed to do that while I'm gone. [M4F] [M
40,375 plays
You wake up late one night to your boyfriend breathing heavily.
29,553 plays
We've been living together in this new place for a short while,
45,348 plays
We've been roommates for a while — of course I've thought about
105,796 plays
We had such a good time tonight at the Halloween party, and I ca
120,033 plays
It's been a wild ride being in charge of the company over the la
9,659 plays
You decide to trust me in a very special way. [M4F] [First Time]
33,311 plays
I’m making dinner for us when you walk in. You want something fr
21,071 plays
You ordered some new furniture and ask your boyfriend to help yo
14,363 plays
You've been dealing with a lot lately. Let's work out all that t
20,287 plays
Sweetie, I need to get all of my work done, and please no distra
57,997 plays
I saw your phone screen earlier, so you don't have to hide anyth
41,161 plays
It's late, and after a long day I'm tired and ready for bed. [M4
20,746 plays
Hold on — let me pause the movie. [M4F] [Oral] [Praise] [Ride My
25,682 plays
I'm your new secretary, and you decide to show me how things wor
14,278 plays
You've been waiting for this game to come out for so long. Now t
24,695 plays
You've been away for a week on a business trip, and I’m so happy
29,632 plays
I take you out on the town again for our second table game. [M4F
9,907 plays
What does my lady command of me now? [M4F] [MSub] [Historical] [
9,958 plays
You've been here for some time, been in movie after movie, but l
9,343 plays
My Princess, your strength and wit always seem to overpower me.
36,495 plays
We decide to go to a beachside vacation house to get some much n
22,505 plays
I'm a perfectly normal bank robber, and you need to show me wher
13,042 plays
You're perfect, and our new house is perfect—how did I get so lu
36,099 plays
We were perfect together, and every day I regret letting you go.
4,260 plays
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