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Female • 5 subscribers • 210 playsThe Sweetest lover you'll ever have xo


Female • 5 subscribers • 210 plays
The Sweetest lover you'll ever have xo

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All this stress from work is making me sick, but you always make me feel better.

[F4F] [GFE] [Girlfriend] [Morning Wood] [Before Work] [Flirty] [Cuddly] [Caring] [Breathy] [Pretty Girl] [Oral] [Your Turn] [Praise] [WLW]

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From this moment on, I am your Mistress. Get down on your hands and knees.

[F4A] [FDom] [BDSM] [Degradation] [Safe Word] [Cameras] [Mistress] [Bitch] [Teasing] [Slapping] [Humiliation] [Groveling] [Kiss My Feet] [Behave] [Foot Fetish] [Abrupt Finish] [Rough]

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I came over as soon as I could. Are you okay?

[F4F] [WLW] [Friends to Lovers] [Stood Up] [FDom] [Romantic] [Accent] [Confessions] [Shy Listener] [Deep Voice] [Kissing] [Intimate] [Clit Play] [Grinding] [Wax Play] [Toy] [Good Girl]

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Look dude. I totally do not have a crush on you.

[F4F] [WLW] [Library] [In Public] [Confession] [Quickie] [Hickeys] [Teasing] [Whispers] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Fingering] [Encouragement] [Princess]

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I think you're really, really pretty.

[WLW] [FSub] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Taking It Slow] [Heat of the Moment] [Goofy] [Light Hearted] [First Time With a Girl] [Lots of Giggling] [We Stan Miss Katy] [Fuck Your Boyfriend] [Flirty]

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What's with that look? You got a crush on me or something, love?

[WLW] [Accent] [Strangers to Lovers] [Truck] [Tomboy] [Flirting] [Kissing] [Romantic] [Plot] [Fingering] [SFX]

16:36 · 2 plays
Took you long enough...I've been waiting.

[F4F] [FDom] [Soft Speaker] [Relationship] [Argument] [Heated] [Tension] [Bad Mood] [Degradation] [Being Difficult] [Car] [Sarcasm] [Backseat] [Rough] [WLW]

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Keep your voice down.

[F4F] [WLW] [Exhibitionism] [In Public] [Toy] [Vibrator] [Edging] [Pinned] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Kitten] [Princess]

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Consider this your initiation.

[F4F] [Group Sex] [Very Rough] [Dirty Talk] [Intense] [Oral] [Strong Language] [Bondage] [Countdown] [Good Girl] [Rough] [Degradation]

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I love you baby — every part of you.

[F4F] [WLW] [Curve Appreciation] [Plus Size] [FDom] [Soft] [Beautiful] [Princess] [GFE] [Praise] [Kisses] [Loving] [Body Worship]

11:02 · 2 plays
You talk all this game, but then you get all shy and quiet.

[F4F] [After the Party] [Caught You] [Teasing] [Oral] [Fingering] [Begging] [Strap] [Earn It] [Good Girl] [Phone Call] [Tell the Girls] [Countdown] [Aftercare] [WLW] [FDom]

11:18 · 0 plays
I see you staring at me across the bar.

[F4F] [WLW] [Mean FDom] [Countdown] [Smoking Area] [Beg Me to Hurt You] [Degrading] [Shy Listener] [Pulling Your Hair] [Calling You Names] [Humiliation] [Blowing Smoke in Your Face] [Constant Teasing] [FDom] [Degradation]

11:43 · 4 plays
I brought you Starbucks, baby.

[F4F] [WLW] [GFE] [Kissing] [Period Sex] [Soft Domme] [Taking Care of You] [Comfort] [Running Fingers Through Your Hair] [Washing Your Hair] [Fingering] [Guided Grinding] [Pet Names] [Praise] [Aftercare]

9:47 · 7 plays
Let me take care of you, princess.

[F4F] [Girlfriend] [GFE] [Gentle] [Flirting] [Teasing] [Praise] [Moaning] [Use Your Words] [Fingering] [Loving] [Aftercare] [WLW]

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Wowww a cheerleader with a slight pain kink…what would everyone think?

[F4F] [WLW] [Shy Listener] [FDom] [Bathroom] [Size Difference] [Bite Marks] [Husky Voice] [Mirror] [Teasing] [Degradation] [Intimidating] [Sadistic] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Oral] [SFX] [Accent]

15:17 · 2 plays
Don't be embarrassed. What do you want to try?

[F4F] [FDom] [Girlfriend] [WLW] [Pet Names] [Soft] [Baby Girl] [Baby] [Oral] [Praise] [Countdown] [Kissing] [Passionate] [Fingering] [Wholesome] [Shy Listener] [Accent]

11:49 · 3 plays
Your husband seems like a lovely guy…

[F4F] [WLW] [Waitress] [Taking Your Order] [Realization] [Infidelity] [Flirty] [Spill] [Cleaning You Up] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Praise] [Oral] [Sound Effects]

14:36 · 0 plays
No character, no scenario — just me thinking about a girl.

[F4F] [WLW] [Top Speaker] [FDom] [Fantasizing] [Direct to Listener] [Moaning] [Overstimulation] [Fingering] [JOI] [Teasing] [Denial]

15:50 · 0 plays
I take control and tell you exactly what to do.

[F4F] [WLW] [Sweet] [Giggles] [GFE] [Girlfriend Energy] [Light FDom] [Oral] [Instructions]

10:59 · 1 play
We had a deal: I help you get rid of your stalker ex, and you let me feed.

[F4F] [FDom] [Fake Dating] [Vampire] [Confronting Your Ex] [Biting] [Teasing] [In Public] [Alleyway] [Fingering] [Degradation] [Good Girl]

15:47 · 0 plays
Why haven't you tried any of our private rooms?

[F4F] [WLW] [FDom] [BDSM] [Club Owner] [Choking] [Oral] [Degradation] [Strong Language] [Slut] [Strap On] [Daddy]

15:30 · 4 plays
Can I ask where you're getting off?

[Accent] [WLW] [F4F] [FDom] [Train] [In Public] [Flirty] [Whispering] [Hold the Moan] [Grinding] [Light SFX] [Praise] [Teasing] [Kissing]

11:09 · 17 plays
You can take it—I know you can.

[F4F] [WLW] [Very Rough] [Beg Me] [Choking] [Touch Yourself for Me] [Spit in Your Mouth] [Bathroom Stall] [Shy Listener] [Hair Pulling] [HEAVY Degrading] [Constant Teasing] [FDom] [Goth Girl] [Degradation]

16:51 · 2 plays
There’s a bunch of your shit in the kitchen — move it, thanks.

[WLW] [F4F] [Accent] [Snarky] [Condescending] [Degradation] [Strong Language] [Teasing] [Telling You What to Do] [Fingering]

15:07 · 0 plays
Sit in between my legs, and let me help my love.

[F4F] [WLW] [For Black Listeners] [Black Hair Positivity] [Girlfriend] [Loving] [Romance] [Princess] [Soft] [Gentle] [Teasing] [Banter] [Oral] [Fingering]

17:16 · 20 plays
You need to rest. And I brought snacks.

[F4F] [SFW] [No Sex] [Caring for You] [Stop Working] [Get in Bed] [Calming] [Reassurance] [Phone Call] [From Your Boss] [Angry] [Telling Them Off] [Defending You]

11:11 · 1 play
I have a cute little evening planned for us.

[F4F] [WLW] [British] [Soft Dom] [Kisses] [Beach Sound Effects] [Fingering] [Romance] [Soft Sub] [L-bomb] [Beach] [Girlfriend]

13:26 · 72 plays
The class bully (me) has a soft spot for you.

[WLW] [F4F] [Eye Contact] [Shy Listener] [Light Choking] [Tomboy] [Teasing You] [Kissing] [I Know You Like Me] [Oral] [Fingering] [Princess] [Good Girl] [Aftercare] [Class Bully]

22:03 · 0 plays
You don't have your textbook? Who comes to the library without a book?

[F4F] [FDom] [Tutor] [Editing Your Essay] [Shy Listener] [Confession] [First Kiss] [Teasing You] [Friends to Lovers] [Slow Burn] [In Public] [Praise] [Princess] [Fingering] [SFX] [WLW]

11:54 · 0 plays
I know you're a switch too.

[F4F] [Accent] [FSub to FDom] [Relationship Dynamic] [Trying Switching] [Letting You Top] [First Time] [Teasing] [Topping You] [Light Degradation] [Good Girl] [Playful] [Oral] [Topping From Bottom] [WLW] [Switch]

7:55 · 8 plays
For the third time — I. Dont. Chase. I. Attract. But for some reason I can’t get you out of my head.

[F4F] [WLW] [In My Feelings] [Missing You] [Wanting You] [Jealousy] [At a Party] [Confrontation] [Kissing] [Degradation] [Quickie] [Overstimulation]

15:48 · 0 plays's you.

[F4F] [WLW] [FDom] [Flirty Speaker] [Shy Listener] [Blind Date] [Old Fling] [Enemies to Lovers] [Grinding] [Nipple Teasing] [Multiple Orgasms] [Strap] [Good Girl]

19:34 · 4 plays
Do you want your usual? You seem a little down.

[F4F] [Helping You Through a Breakup] [Quickie] [Taking Things Slow] [Let Me Distract You] [Rainy Day] [Oral] [Tell Me What Feels Good] [Intense] [Intimate] [Soft SFX] [Soothing] [Lots of Praise] [Aftercare] [WLW] [Praise]

11:57 · 0 plays
You know what you're doing right now.

[F4F] [FDom] [Mommy] [Lots of Princess] [Grinding on My Lap] [Whispering] [Choking] [Lots of Kissing] [From Soft to Rough] [You Asked For This] [Manhandling You] [Teasing Me While I Work] [WLW] [Girlfriend]

11:34 · 1 play
You can try to sneak away, but you know that I know every trick in your book.

[F4F] [SFW] [Shy Knight] [Forbidden Love] [Romance] [Tension] [Bridgerton Vibes] [Confession] [Protective] [My Princess] [My Lady] [Royalty] [WLW] [Historical]

11:30 · 0 plays
I've finished the last touches on your looks. You're going to light up the room.

[F4F] [WLW] [FDom] [Met Gala] [Model] [Flirting] [Slow Burn] [Confidence] [Affirmation] [Praise] [Body Worship] [Mirror] [Touching You] [Possessive] [Oral] [Wet Sounds]

9:22 · 0 plays
I've always had a soft spot for you.

[F4F] [Accent] [WLW] [FDom] [Business Trip] [One Bed Trope] [Conference] [Coworkers to Lovers] [Kissing] [Oral] [69]

11:49 · 0 plays
I wake you up in the middle of the night to help me.

[WLW] [F4F] [Accent] [Needy] [GFE] [Gentle] [L-Bombs] [Kissing] [Pet Names] [Baby] [Princess] [Praise] [Sweet] [Possessive]

6:47 · 0 plays
I'm obsessed with waking up next to you. (October Creator Challenge)

[WLW] [F4F] [Succubus] [Soft] [Lots of Praise] [Kisses] [Smothering You] [Listener Orgasms] [Oral] [Using My Tail] [Obsessed With You] [Beg] [Good Girl] [Princess] [Aftercare] [Girlfriend]

12:58 · 7 plays
We both deserve a little last-minute getaway.

[F4F] [WLW] [SFW] [No Sex] [Road Trip] [Teasing] [Soothing Voice] [Memory Lane] [First Kiss] [First Date] [Light Hearted] [Romantic] [Humor] [L-Bombs] [Girlfriend]

5:50 · 0 plays
What makes this date so special?

[F4F] [Flirty] [Banter] [Friends to Lovers] [Kissing] [Soft] [Oral] [Fingering] [Playful] [Confession] [Praise] [Aftercare] [Giggles] [Eye Contact] [Safe] [Light Sound Effects] [WLW]

17:35 · 6 plays your phone on the countertop — is that Quinn?!

[F4F] [FDom] [Show Me Your Quinn Wrapped] [Meta] [Cafe] [Teasing] [Shy Listener] [Eye Contact] [Behind the Counter] [Deep Voice] [Oral] [Fingering] [Edging] [Good Girl] [Princess] [Countdown] [WLW] [Praise] [In Public]

16:27 · 21 plays
You've been so busy lately — how about you let do something special for you?

[F4F] [Mommy Dom] [Feeding You Grapes] [Caring] [De-stressing] [Fingering] [Encouragement] [Good Girl] [Pet Names] [Clean My Fingers] [You and Me Against the World] [Mommy]

13:11 · 4 plays
I shouldn’t even be at the ball…I stick out like a sore thumb.

[F4F] [WLW] [Historical] [Accent] [Sequel] [Forbidden Love] [Bridgerton Vibes] [Royal Ball] [Running Off] [L-Bombs] [Passion] [Kissing] [Teasing] [Desire] [Fingering] [Mirror]

12:39 · 3 plays
All this stress from work is making me sick, but you always make me feel better.

[F4F] [GFE] [Girlfriend] [Morning Wood] [Before Work] [Flirty] [Cuddly] [Caring] [Breathy] [Pretty Girl] [Oral] [Your Turn] [Praise] [WLW]

19:18 · 19 plays

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