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Relationship Goals

24 Audios, 7 hr 14 min 17 sec

Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, together-forever-kind-of-lovers. Listen together or separate, you'll enjoy it either way.
Sorry — just have to finish this quest. I didn’t know you’d be h
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I know it's early, but I finished the chores and we have nothing
211,868 plays
A weekend-home-alone-overheard audio of a WLW couple. [FF] [FDom
65,698 plays
Back from work—I missed you. [MF] [Collab] [Couple] [Kissing] [P
41,434 plays
You tease me on the way back from our dinner date, and I can't w
70,933 plays
Yes, I said I wanted to try new things, but is now really the ti
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I have an interesting idea for our next date. [M4F] [MDom] [Voic
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I just needed to hear your voice—I miss you so much. [M4F] [BFE]
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Bringing you, my wife, to a weekend away from the city. [F4F] [R
16,761 plays
I notice you're cleaning out our closet, and your old clothes br
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An overheard phone sex recording from a couple. [FM] [MDom] [Pho
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I'm going to tell you exactly what to do, and how to do it. [MF]
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I love it when you're like this. Let me take care of you. [M4F]
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Let me help take your mind off things, then let's go back to sle
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Sitting by the fire and watching the snow fall—this moment with
33,929 plays
You're home late and I can tell you're tense. Let's calm you dow
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I'll take off your heels for you. Left foot, please. [M4F] [MDom
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After a hard day at work, nothing makes me feel better than you.
24,535 plays
Can you guess what I ordered? I know you like to see me in a ski
18,210 plays
It's so cold and dreary outside—the perfect weather to order tak
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I love cuddling you on a rainy day. [M4F] [MDom] [Boyfriend] [Te
80,975 plays
Woah, it smells so good in here. [M4F] [Boyfriend] [Quickie] but
18,456 plays
You're waiting for me when I come home... [M4F] [MDom] [Spontane
33,984 plays
We just got back home from our big reception. [M4F] [Newlyweds]
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