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Salty Pash
25 - he/him - Aussie - salty name, smooth voice
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I've wanted you all day. [M4F] [Accents] [Boyfriend] [Kitchen Se
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On the phone with you during quarantine. [M4F] [Phone Sex] [Lock
5,308 plays
I wake you up gently with some kisses. [M4F] [Gentle] [Boyfriend
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It's always better when done together. [M4F] [Accents] [Moaning]
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I've wanted you all day. [M4F] [Accents] [Boyfriend] [Kitchen Se
27,708 plays
It's the end of a gloomy day, and we both need a pick me up. [M4
12,129 plays
What is the best medicine for a hot fever? [M4F] [Boyfriend] [Mi
53,944 plays
I am so bored in lockdown, and I wish I was with you. [M4F] [Boy
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It's time for your Christmas present. [M4F] [Boyfriend] [Accents
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Just finished work, and I'm ready to let off some steam. [M4F] [
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I just want you to cradle my tired head in your lap. [M4F] [Boyf
8,693 plays
You look really good in that bathing suit. [M4F] [Boyfriend] [Di
10,529 plays
I feel so free when I do this with you. [M4F] [Accents] [Skinny
8,043 plays
I can't stop thinking about what we're going to do after dinner.
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