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age difference

Older man/younger woman or vice versa.

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Well, if it isn't my favorite student. Have you prepared ...

Summer Class

So you didn't get enough last night? I told you not to wa...

Don't Wake Daddy

There are only two things Daddy wants to hear from your m...

Needy Little Brat

I'm sorry to startle you...I know we're the only two peop...

Shy Girl

I picked you as mine for a reason. You were made for me, ...

Seeking an Arrangement

You've just had a wild night with the mysterious Julian, ...

King of London (Part 4)

You have a lot of potential, but you need to loosen up a ...

Office Hours w Prof Fletcher

You need an older, more experienced man. Let me show you ...

The Housesitter

Do you want me to play with you? Ask me nicely.

Daddy Fantasy

We shouldn't do this...you're my student.

The Professor

Be a good girl for me...

Jerkin' Daddy

You make Daddy so, so very happy...

Structured Daddy

Give Daddy what he needs.

Rub for Daddy

There's only one thing that I really want right now. Are ...

Daddy's Kitten

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