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You know the rules, so make sure you have your headphones on.

[M4F] [Direct to Listener] [Guided Masturbation] [Visualization] [Music] [Gratitude for My Listeners] [Ramble] [Praise] [Boyfriend] [Instructions] [Daddy] [MDom] [Moaning] [Masturbation Noises]

24:02 · 20 plays
It’s so good to see you again. I can't wait to show you my favorite bookstore.

[M4F] [Part 2] [Autumn] [Playful] [BFE] [Bookstore Date] [Cats] [Hot Chocolate] [Cozy] [Teasing] [Kissing] [In Public] [Foreplay] [No Sex]

11:49 · 23 plays
You've hit a wall while working on a passion project, and I come in to reassure you that your efforts are worth it.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Supportive] [Reassurance] [Praise] [Comfort] [Loving] [Safe for Work] [Reassuring]

17:29 · 2 plays
Good morning, sleepyhead. Are you ready to get out of bed yet?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Sleepy] [Gentle] [Kissing] [L-bombs] [Affectionate] [Loving] [Oral] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Praise] [Dirty Talk] [Good Girl]

11:16 · 5 plays
I suggest we stay in bed, but you have other plans.

[M4F] [MSub] [Morning Sex] [Boyfriend] [Edging] [Whimpering] [Moaning] [Mumbling] [Begging] [Please] [Oral] [Face Sitting] [Penetration] [Riding] [Denial]

22:46 · 9 plays
You've had a rough day, and I hate to see you put yourself last. You deserve pleasure.

[M4F] [Quickie] [Guided Masturbation] [Talking You Through It] [Accent] [Sensual] [Praise] [Reassurance] [Instructions] [Self Love] [Body Appreciation] [Dirty Talk]

5:11 · 15 plays