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You deserve a massage after a long day. [M4F] [Direct to Listene
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It’s so good to see you again. I can't wait to show you my favor
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We were perfect together, and every day I regret letting you go.
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I won't let you marry the wrong man, princess. [M4F] [Historical
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A late-night Tinder notification leads to a new connection with
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Welcome, my dearest, to my humble abode. [M4F] [Accent] [Histori
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When you saw her, everything changed. She was everything you'd e
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You do not know of what you ask. I fear I do not have the streng
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I hope this isn't too forward, but this date is going so well...
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It's been six years since I walked out on our relationship. [M4F
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I finally have you alone. Why won't you look at me!? [M4F] [Hist
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On the second morning of our perfect anniversary vacation, you w
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After years of separation, I'm drawn back to the Arno river in F
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We have to keep quiet, but I'm not going to make it easy for you
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We're out on an afternoon ride—just you, me...and our escort. Le
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It’s been months of texting and calling, and, wow, you’re even m
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Your classical art teacher, having sensed the tension between yo
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We fight for what we is pain. (CW: Violence) [M4F] [
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After a shitty day at work, let me melt all your stress away. [M
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You stand out in this crowd — your aura — it's so inviting. [M4F
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I will never stop defending you. [M4F] [Sequel] [Continued] [Duk
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This is our defining moment. This is our final battle. [M4F] [Hi
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The power one can wield...with but a name. [M4F] [Duke] [Baroque
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What do you like? I want to know. [M4F] [Accent] [Romance] [My L
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It’s the simple, mundane things that really stay with you — lik
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I...object. That's my woman. [M4F] [Music] [Sequel] [Romance] [W
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Did you think I just came back to call you names? [M4F] [Histori
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I wasn’t expecting to see you here — you look magnificent as alw
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It's movie night — keep your eyes on the screen. [Nonbinary Voic
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This wedding's been a whirlwind. I've been waiting all day for a
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I’ve always had a thing for you, you know. [M4F] [Friends to Lov
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I’d like to just get away from the city and sit outside with you
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It should be me you're getting married to. Not him. [M4F] [Frien
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Holy shit. The elevator is stuck. I told you, you’re bad luck. [
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You've just recently broken up with your boyfriend, and while yo
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It all started with one little bracelet. [M4F] [Clasped or Uncla
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I needed to get out of town with you. [NB4F] [WLW] [Gentle Top]
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Come in and sit with me awhile. [M4F] [In the Mirror] [Body Wors
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The critics call my paintings “abstract,” but I call them order.
28,167 plays
Solstice celebrates his birthday alone at his sister's cabin, wh
74,913 plays
You have been dating Solstice for several months. Would you like
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Solstice Starr, a changeling, has decided to tempt you, Azra Cun
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Here we are in the deep, dark woods together. [M4F] [Accent] [De
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Howdy, Ma’am. Why don’t you sit down and let me tell you a story
11,863 plays
Sorry — just have to finish this quest. I didn’t know you’d be h
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We don't know each other — let's pretend we're lovers. [M4F] [Me
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You can't drive in this weather. Take your parka off, and let me
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Horatio brings you to the home he made in Tuscany, where the two
121,738 plays
It's been nine months since you waltzed into Horatio's life. You
102,183 plays
A renowned inventor, Horatio Godkin, places an advertisement for
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It's the last day of Summer break—which means we have to leave e
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I know the gods are angry I kidnapped you from your wedding, but
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Welcome to my place—I have a bottle of wine I think you'd love.
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We've been friends forever, and tomorrow you're getting married.
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