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Office fantasies.

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We're working overtime but we're no where close to finishing our
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All this tension...I wonder what would happen if we were alone t
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What is this "pressing matter" you need me for? [M4F] [Sequel] [
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It's freezing in this car. Good thing we can cuddle in the backs
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I catch you slacking off at your desk. [F4F] [Boss x Employee] [
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We keep things professional, so I've tried to keep my thoughts t
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It's your last day of training, and you seem distracted — you're
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Our work Halloween party just finished and you and I are stuck w
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The couple in the hotel room next door are keeping you awake, so
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Come into my office and take a seat. [M4F] [Accent] [MDom] [Degr
3,422 plays
I'm just here to fix your computer—I didn't mean to see the Quin
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Hello, Agent. Can you help me test out some new gadgets for your
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It's good to see you — I haven't seen you much since you were pr
8,931 plays
There’s only one spot in cardiothoracic surgery, and somehow I k
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I don't think anyone has done this in space before... [M4F] [Ast
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Great. Now I have to spend my *one* free weekend reading case fi
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We've been playing this game for too long. Let's finish it. [M4F
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Between you and me, I totally understand why all your students a
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This definitely could not have just been an email. [M4F] [MDom]
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I’ve seen you around the office — why are you here this late? [M
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First day at a new office position, what could possibly happen?
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Stay away from my section — those are my tables. [M4F] [Coworker
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You're an hour late! I begged Maria not to be scheduled with you
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It's your first day at your new job! [M4F] [Office Setting] [Int
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You always give direction at work, now it's your turn to take di
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You positioned your desk just so I could see your every move. [M
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It’s crazy we’ve only been rehearsing for a few weeks…I feel lik
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I'm your new secretary, and you decide to show me how things wor
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You catch me on a bad day at work. I'm in desperate need of stre
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The fire alarm went off, and we're trapped in the admin office.
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I've always had a soft spot for you. [F4F] [Accent] [WLW] [FDom]
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We get assigned to a project that keeps us at the office late in
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I’m hiring a new assistant, and you’re the first person I wanted
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So I'm sitting in my office...putting off my work, and thinking
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Let's just finish locking up here and we can leave. [F4F] [Impro
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Is that the key to the snack closet?! [F4M] [At the Office] [Ban
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Yes, Chef. I can see you're very busy — I’ll go back to my stati
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You're a jet fighter pilot on patrol with me—your new wingman. [
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We've been carpooling to work together, and we’ve kind of gotten
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I know these trails like the back of my hand. [M4F] [Accent] [Wo
6,160 plays
You’re fidgeting. Is the anticipating getting to you? [M4F] [Con
80,754 plays
Congratulations on the promotion — you deserve it. [M4F] [Infide
118,397 plays
I'm glad you stopped by, I was just practicing our scene. Do you
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You're getting with someone from the office and decide to call m
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I couldn't focus on any work today after our encounter this morn
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First week on the job, and the CEO would like to meet you. [M4F]
15,984 plays
You hustle into the office for a quick task before a fancy dinne
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Of course we get set up on a blind date—how fun. [M4F] [Almond L
19,434 plays
A letter to you from me—your secret co-worker admirer. [M4F] [Le
12,997 plays
I'm so glad you asked to get together and rehearse before we sta
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Great. Now we're stuck in this elevator. [F4F] [Enemies to Lover
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A bad thunderstorm hits while we're out camping and doing field
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Usually our only contact is emails and phone calls, but today yo
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I haven’t seen you since my goodbye party. [M4F] [MDom] [Accent]
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You ask me if I can go on a work trip, and I later find out you
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You call me into the office after work hours. [M4F] [Co-Workers]
24,323 plays
I've been stuck in email chain after email chain—I'm so glad we
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After our date last night, I don't think I can focus on work tod
57,280 plays
Not only did you almost lose the biggest client at our company,
54,761 plays
You deserve to feel appreciated. [M4F] [Valentine's Day] [Co-wor
9,237 plays
I'm so grateful for the internship that you gave me, and I am de
12,331 plays
You're an intern, and your boss wants to be sure you have what i
40,024 plays
We have to be quiet! I've been thinking about this all day... [F
18,167 plays
After months of working from home, I admit how much I missed the
10,084 plays
We must be absolutely silent—follow my lead. [M4F] [Co-workers]
25,147 plays
I interrupt you at work with a surprise phone call. I want you t
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I know you're busy, but I need to be taken care of. [F4M] [FDom]
39,867 plays
I know we should tell HR...but I just love sneaking around with
31,306 plays
I hired you as my personal assistant because you're a hard worke
42,904 plays
We're traveling together on business and you knock on my hotel r
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You can't help but tease me as I'm working from home. [M4F] [Boy
5,846 plays
You're the hottest girl in the office, and I'm immensely interes
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