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audios that bring you right* to the edge

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I take control and you completely surrender. (This audio ...

(Continued) Teasing You

Relax...you've had a long day. (This audio ends with a cl...

Teasing You in the Bath...

Moaning and edging myself.

No Thoughts

I'm glad you picked up. Let me talk shit to you while you...

Calling you at work

Couldn't get to sleep. I just need someone here with me t...

Whimpering and Sounding So Needy

I talk about tying you up, teasing, using a vibrator and ...

Bondage Orgasm

Let me whimper and moan for you.

Windy night edging

It feels good, doesn't it? Don't stop, baby.

Keep going

You're doing so good, baby.

Touch yourself for me

I'll bring you as close to the edge as possible, Yara, bu...

For Yara

I just couldn't help myself. She's so beautiful...

Edging While Thinking About a Girl I Know

There are only two things Daddy wants to hear from your m...

Needy Little Brat

You've been very, very bad. Haven't you? That's why I'm g...

ASMR Domination

I'm so, so close. Please help me get there.

Grunting and Edging For You

I'm going to pleasure you until you are about to orgasm, ...

Paid Study 5: Edging

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