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Audios with men in submissive roles.

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We were perfect together, and every day I regret letting you go.
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I suggest we stay in bed, but you have other plans. [M4F] [MSub]
2,249 plays
After working for you for a year, I was wondering if we could...
6,758 plays
When you reacted the way you did, my mind started wandering to t
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It's just you, me, this closet, and the next seven minutes. [M4F
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There'll be time for romance later, maybe. [Continued] [Sequel]
2,218 plays
A mysterious envelope contains a mask and an invitation. What’s
13,580 plays
I've changed a lot over the years. It seems we both have. (CW: L
11,947 plays
Halloween night, 2022...I've been a good boy ever since. [M4F] [
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Achieve levitation using this "meditation" audio. [M4F] [MSub] [
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I'm not supposed to bother you at work, but I decided to be bad
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If you're sure you want me to be in charge...will you teach me?
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I've been feeling so pent up lately. I really need you right now
5,505 plays
I've never lost a race. But you've got a few aces up your sleeve
5,938 plays
You like to be in control — don't you? [M4F] [Accent] [MSub] [Qu
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We move to the bedroom, where we reverse our roles. [M4F] [MSub]
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It's great to meet you. I'll do whatever it takes to help you re
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I've been cooking dinner for you all day, but you want dessert f
2,344 plays
Your boyfriend gets home after a long work day, and you have jus
10,592 plays
It's just the two of us alone now, but I'm too shy to make the f
17,957 plays
You've come to collect on the second part of our deal...with min
5,157 plays
Okay — what’s with all the candles, and why are you wearing that
84,727 plays
Let’s go over your schedule for tomorrow — you’ve been going non
14,252 plays
Your classical art teacher, having sensed the tension between yo
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I need to chill? I’m the only one who finished my slides. [M4F]
41,379 plays
I accept my girlfriend's challenge via a game of cards. What hap
16,093 plays
You decide to pay a visit to your biology professor's office hou
31,834 plays
In the midst of a busy day, I bring you your favorite lunch. [M4
7,070 plays
I know you've had a hard day. Why don't you tell me all about it
11,752 plays
I took an oath of celibacy when I was knighted as your sworn pro
36,736 plays
After I arrive home from the gym, you offer to give me a massage
16,133 plays
I've been a bit whiny while we are running errands, so you decid
9,288 plays
I'm not feeling well — can you take care of me? [M4F] [MSub] [Ac
8,653 plays
You wake me up bright and early. [M4F] [MSub] [Affectionate] [Bo
10,165 plays
I mean, yes, I am a nerd that plays video games all day…but also
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I'm so tired of being in control...take it from me. [M4F] [MSub]
28,205 plays
It's your first day at your new job! [M4F] [Office Setting] [Int
16,762 plays
I left the city for a job a few years ago, and I come back every
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No scenario, just male moans and dirty talk. [M4F] [MSub] [Theme
42,644 plays
It's early in the morning, and I’m sleeping next to you. My room
27,929 plays
Thanks for picking me up from the hospital — I got it from here.
58,963 plays
I'm your new secretary, and you decide to show me how things wor
14,278 plays
It's our weekly game night, but you're not playing fair. Maybe i
16,005 plays
A playful power struggle takes place after you accidentally find
8,098 plays
You are a knight, tasked with training a rather unruly prince ho
22,599 plays
Your boyfriend hasn't been taking care of your needs lately, so
25,446 plays
They just had to pick the oldest building in this city for their
22,399 plays
I accidentally bought salt instead of sugar. Do you have any I c
9,347 plays
I find myself at a local bar attempting to find a meaningful con
25,303 plays
I used to struggle a lot with my feelings for you — now I know t
22,654 plays
I have to do whatever you want for the next week, or you'll tell
17,262 plays
I know it’s only our second date, but I really like you. [M4F] [
16,215 plays
You won our bet, and I have to uphold my promise. [M4F] [Boyfrie
17,253 plays
Yes, Chef. I can see you're very busy — I’ll go back to my stati
45,187 plays
Tensions are running high. [M4F] [Established Relationship] [Boy
40,194 plays
It's raining outside, so you and I are stuck inside trying to fi
62,637 plays
After 5 years, today is the day you decide to go for it? (CW: Li
34,030 plays
Welcome to The Gold Room. [M4F] [MSub] [Needy] [Greed] [Extravag
40,789 plays
What does my lady command of me now? [M4F] [MSub] [Historical] [
9,958 plays
Your ex-boyfriend is at a party and trying to make everyone thin
43,071 plays
Had I known that she was your niece, I would never have come to
21,265 plays
You made this pecan pie? It's delicious. [Part 2] [M4F] [MSub] [
30,949 plays
It’s different over here from the passenger seat. [M4F] [You’re
36,307 plays
You follow me to the basement where you open a line of contact w
11,932 plays
You've been trying to get to sleep for a couple of hours now...y
48,680 plays
We are out for a stroll in the park when a cute guy walks by and
27,702 plays
Welp, your date did not go as planned. [M4F] [Roommates to Lover
23,969 plays
It's been nine months since you waltzed into Horatio's life. You
102,183 plays
Your subby boyfriend finds out a secret you've been hiding. [M4A
30,741 plays
This heatwave isn't that bad—what's actually going on? [M4F] [MS
23,517 plays
I saw your post about the room for rent just as my plane landed.
38,349 plays
Join me in my morning ritual. [M4A] [MSub] [Solo Play] [Moaning]
22,239 plays
I shouldn't visit you at your office, but I want to ask if you'd
20,602 plays
I've never subbed before, but I want to try it with you. [M4F] [
22,099 plays
My Princess, your strength and wit always seem to overpower me.
36,495 plays
I have a question for you—I just want to be perfect for my liste
82,755 plays
I know you told me to never come to your home, but tonight I nee
23,396 plays
I can't stop tossing and turning in bed next to you. [M4F] [MSub
35,061 plays
I answer an ad you placed looking for an obedient partner. [M4F]
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