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enemies to lovers

Audios featuring enemies, rivals, and people who just get on each other's nerves getting freaky or falling for each other.

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No, I won't pick your pumpkin for you.

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Degradation] [Infantilizing] [Strong Language] [Rough] [Pumpkin Patch] [Oral] [Missionary] [Praise] [Grinding] [Switchy] [Choking] [Baby Girl] [Little Girl] [Princess]

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We're junior associates at a competitive law firm and we're stuck working overtime on an impossible case.

[M4F] [MDom] [Work Rivals to Lovers] [Condescending] [Argument] [Pent Up] [Oral] [Good Girl] [Put In Your Place] [Rough] [Missionary] [Aftercare]

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I haven't seen you since you betrayed me at The Agency...

[September Creator Challenge] [M4F] [Controlling MDom] [Spies] [Safe House] [Failed Mission] [Perfectionist] [Letting Go] [Praise] [Yes Sir] [Edging] [Countdown] [Penetration] [MDom]

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There’s only one spot in cardiothoracic surgery, and somehow I keep coming up short.

[M4F] [Accent] [Doctor] [Surgeon] [On-Call Room] [Rivals to Lovers] [Tension] [MDom] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Eye Contact] [Praise] [And Degradation] [Oral] [Rivals]

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After a great betrayal, we find ourselves entombed together.

[M4F] [Villain] [Hero] [First Watch] [Fantasy] [Passion] [Confession] [SFX] [Historical Innuendo] [Turning the Tables] [Praise] [L-Bombs] [Consent] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Penetration]

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Great. Now I have to spend my *one* free weekend reading case files with you.

[M4A] [For All Genders] [Law Firm] [Lawyers] [Enemies to Lovers] [Coworkers] [Strict MDom] [Tying Your Wrists] [With My Tie] [Degradation] [At the Office] [Edging] [Penetration] [Work Enemies]

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