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Audios featuring ex's hooking up or getting back together.

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I’ve resolved to tell Tyler what happened, and I *cannot*...

The Clothes I Bought You: Part 2

This is my last round—two more bags, and then I’ll be out...

Moving Out

I was excited to meet my brother’s girlfriend -- didn’t r...

The Clothes I Bought You: Part 1

If you got married, why are you at this hotel? (March Cre...

Hold the Door

I really can’t believe you’re here right now. What are yo...

Stiff Vodka Soda Hugs

You need one last thing from your ex... [overheard sex][y...


Your mom invites your ex to the family holiday party. Whe...

Passion never dies

Will you forgive me?

Makeup Sex

One last time for the road...

Breakup Sex

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