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Audios that include suggestive sounds.

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I know it was only one time, but being with you changed me. [F4F
1,518 plays this a part of the usual service? [M4F] [Strangers to Lo
1,781 plays
No, there’s no special occassion. I just care about you, and wan
848 plays
Hey, you. I was wondering where you were. Why don't you read me
10,335 plays
Babe...what's happening to me? [M4F] [Road Trip] [Couple] [Campi
1,572 plays
Somehow I'm still here. [M4F] [Narrator] [Music] [Ghost] [Humor]
1,897 plays
You're lost in the woods when two strange voices come to help. [
4,643 plays
Are you...not afraid of me? [M4F] [Monster Fucking] [Forest Vibe
2,773 plays
Great work tonight. I need to close up, but you can use the show
53,576 plays
You come home and barely get inside the front door... [M4F] [Boy
3,029 plays
I don't think anyone has done this in space before... [M4F] [Ast
1,945 plays
A quiet night with my head between your it should be
24,896 plays
You’ve got a lot on your mind. How can I help? [M4F] [BFE] [Comf
87,297 plays
Fine. I'll let you attempt to heal me. [M4F] [Fantasy] [Magic] [
32,514 plays
It is my moral obligation to give you a guiding hand... [M4F] [M
5,014 plays
You're up late in the middle of the night, a flurry of sin and r
13,307 plays
Alright, did you pay the ferris wheel operator to stop at the to
13,678 plays
What if you were the last person on earth? [M4F] [Fallout Shelte
16,460 plays
You visit your dom for what he assumes is a usual session... [M4
17,428 plays
We're shopping at a beachside boutique, and I'm tired of being y
14,868 plays
I might not be your age, but I promise I’m quite the gentleman.
19,838 plays
I woke up early this morning just to look at how beautiful you a
12,925 plays
I have to take you down to the station. W-wait what are you doin
6,043 plays
You accidentally fell asleep on me — the least you could do is s
51,911 plays
On a rainy night, you accidentally summon me. [F4F] [WLW] [Trans
1,875 plays
You call to see if I'm available to be your guest at a social ev
3,366 plays
You come home after a long day and cuddle up with me in bed. [M4
15,928 plays
What’s it like to transform? Well, it’s like my senses have been
9,184 plays
You wouldn't want them to wake up, would you? [F4F] [FDom] [WLW]
7,556 plays
I’m cooking food for us, but you interrupt me asking for help wi
21,882 plays
After disappearing, you're the only one I can turn to. [M4F] [Hu
18,370 plays
You're interrogating a rebel you captured...and he also happens
6,667 plays
I read your pages on psychosomatic research — your mind is truly
7,502 plays
To what do I owe this esteemed pleasure? [M4F] [Historical] [Acc
4,383 plays
How long can you go? Let’s bet on it. [M4F] [BFE] [Boyfriend] [W
25,847 plays
Did you think I just came back to call you names? [M4F] [Histori
6,623 plays
The year is 1939, and you've always wanted to be a doctor. Your
9,383 plays
It's a good thing no ones can see us from their back window. [F4
12,209 plays
I wake up to you watching me — apparently you had a really good
64,643 plays
Holy shit. The elevator is stuck. I told you, you’re bad luck. [
6,816 plays
I cant’t believe I actually won — well, no, we won. [AAPI Voice]
4,314 plays
I don't want them to know we're here... [NB4F] [Whispering] [ASM
2,422 plays
How was your flight home? You must be exhausted. [M4F] [Deep Voi
28,008 plays
I honestly didn’t think anyone would recognize me out here. [M4F