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finish inside me

the name says it all, doesn't it?

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You make me so nervous...I hope I'm not being awkward. (T...

Thanks Again For Helping Me Study

A chance hiking encounter leads to an unforgettable night...

National Park Hookup

What I really want isn't on the menu.

Sharing Dessert

I need to know you need me as much as I need you.

It's Yours

Morning sex after a night out together.

Wake Up With Me

You get a call from your boyfriend to tell you he's almos...

I'm Almost Home

You misbehave while I'm on a conference call, so I have t...

Teasing Me on a Conference Call

It's good to see you back in town, especially without you...

What He Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him

I have an idea for our next date. It has to do with your ...

Tall Windows

We're out in the wilderness with no distractions. I need ...

Let's Go Hiking

I need to get all of my work done...but I also need to wr...

Learning Your Lesson

I've wanted to kiss you for so long...all of you.

All's Fair in Love and Pillow Fights

Tonight I want to go slow with you...I want you to feel e...

Getting Intimate

It's too much -- I need to finish.

I Can't Take It Anymore

Shhhhhh. They're gonna catch us.

Hurry Up and Get Dressed

You keep that up, and you know what I'll have to do.

Voice Memos (Part 2)

Keep touching yourself while I'm inside you...

You're All Wet

I missed those noises you make, the expression on your fa...

I Missed This

Estás tan deliciosa.

Voice Memos (Part 5)

Me voy a venir dentra de ti.

Voice Memos (Part 4)

It drives me crazy when you whimper for me...

How Can I Resist?

If you keep that up, I'm gonna finish inside you. Is that...

You've Been Such a Good Girl

Please finish with me.

Voice Note

You want someone to find you out here with your legs shak...

Be Quiet

Just you and me, baby.

Voice Memos (Part 1)

There's only one woman that I'd fuck on the side of the h...

Little Pit Stop

How does that feel, baby? I could do this all night long....

Bad Boy Boyfriend

There are only two things Daddy wants to hear from your m...

Needy Little Brat

I'm sorry to startle you...I know we're the only two peop...

Shy Girl

I found all of your secret audios on Reddit after I went ...

You want me to call you...babygirl?

This is for you to listen to with headphones on, in publi...

In Plain Sight

I had this idea that we could go to a party and pick up a...

Party Pickup

I know we've never tried it, but I really really want to....

Have Anal With Me...Please?

After we said goodnight, I knocked on his door. I got int...

Friendly Otters Part Two

I know sex can make friendships weird, but I can't stop t...

Leaving Town

I don't wanna make things weird, but...

Just between friends

Happy birthday beautiful. I got you something special.

Birthday Surprise

I'm impatient when what I want is right in front of me.

Hooking up with my roommate's friend

I know you're busy, but I need to be taken care of.

Quickie Office Sex

Don't look at the clock. My cock's been throbbing for you...

Morning Feels

Welcome to the clinic. Let me assess you.

Paid Study Epilogue: Referral

I want to stay over, but I didn't want to assume...

I Didn’t Want to Assume

Pillow talk and snugglefucking.

Netflix and Chill

You need an older, more experienced man. Let me show you ...

The Housesitter

It's our last session. Let's keep it simple.

Paid Study 8: Completion

Your sweaty, fit body turns me on.

Hiking Hookup

An experienced woman takes my virginity.

The Virgin and the Escort

You taste so sweet.

Apple Cream Pie

We shouldn't do this...you're my student.

The Professor

You make Daddy so, so very happy...

Structured Daddy

There's only one thing that I really want right now. Are ...

Daddy's Kitten

I guide you through three types of orgasms.

Three Gates

Remember our sandy weekend on the beach in Spain? Let me ...

On the Beach

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