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Audios featuring exes hooking up or getting back together.

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You bring your new girlfriend to a party knowing I'm going to be there. Why do you always cause drama?

[F4F] [Drama] [Exes] [FDom] [Breaking Boundaries] [Toxic] [Mommy] [Fingering] [Risky] [Be Quiet] [Oral] [Quickie]

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I used to love when you would show up unannounced, but today it's different.

[F4F] [FDom] [Exes] [Missed Me] [Lingering Attraction] [Do As I Say] [Good Girl] [Guided Masturbation] [Watching You Watching Me] [Praise] [Oral] [Eye Contact]

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I’m glad we ran into each other. Don’t worry — I promise not to flirt.

[F4F] [WLW] [Exes to Lovers] [Reminiscing] [Catching Up] [Wine] [Cheers] [Movie Night] [Compliments] [Flirting] [Lots of Praise] [Fingering] [Oral] [Exes] [Praise]

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Last time we spoke, I said some regrettable things. I came to apologize.

[F4A] [SFW] [Exes] [Reminiscing] [Apologies] [Regrets] [Reconciliation] [Cuddling]

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She’s acting like nothing ever happened. She's been sending me memes…

[F4F] [WLW] [Exes to Lovers] [Breakup] [Resentment] [Boundaries] [Beer] [Music by Me] [Dancing] [Last Time] [Moaning] [Oral] [Riding] [FDom] [Face Sitting] [Exes]

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You arrive at the party with your boyfriend as a plus one, but you didn't know I was the one throwing it.

[F4F] [Exes to Lovers] [House Party] [Roasting Your Boyfriend] [Reminiscing] [Playful] [Infidelity] [Praise] [Trilingual] [Aftercare] [WLW]

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