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We were perfect together, and every day I regret letting you go.

[M4F] [MSub] [Exes] [Second Chance] [Nervous] [Emotional] [I Know I Messed Up] [Kissing] [Oral] [Intimate] [Riding] [Hair Pulling] [Moaning] [Loving] [Aftercare] [Cuddling]

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I thought breaking up was the right decision for us, but I miss you and want you back.

[M4F] [Exes] [Recent Breakup] [Apology] [Missing You] [Messy] [Kissing] [MDom] [Whispering] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Praise] [Mild Degradation] [Daddy]

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There'll be time for romance later, maybe.

[Continued] [Sequel] [Realism] [M4F] [Apology] [MSub] [Sheepish] [Accent] [You Smack Me] [Twice] [Whimpering] [SFX] [Oral] [Face Sitting] [Hair Pulling] [Riding] [Begging] [Spitting] [Please] [Penetration]

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I wasn't a good boyfriend back then, and I'm sorry for how I treated you.

[M4F] [Spooky] [Exes] [Reconnecting] [Teasing] [Forest] [Flirty] [Memory Lane] [Oral] [Fingering] [Forceful] [Sweetheart] [Rough] [Spanking] [Alternate Endings]

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No, it's over. I'm disgusted that you even called me.

[M4F] [Very Rough] [MDom] [Argument] [Seduction] [Hate Sex] [Degradation] [Oral] [Toxic] [Exhibitionist] [Window Sex] [Strong Language] [Moaning] [Dildo] [Forgiveness]

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Things haven’t been the same since you moved.

[M4F] [Exes] [Catching Up] [Awkward] [Jealous] [No Boundaries] [Phone Sex] [Masturbation] [Infidelity] [Voyeurism] [Praise] [Dirty Talk] [Moaning]

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