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Audios that do not use gender-specific language when referring to the listener. AKA "4A" audios.

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I can tell you've had a hard day. Let me help you work out that
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You schedule an appointment to discuss your sexual dysfunction,
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No, there’s no special occassion. I just care about you, and wan
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We stumble into your apartment following an Uber ride home. [M4A
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You do so much. Why not let me take over control? [F4A] [For All
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I've been waiting to try out this new toy I received the other d
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From this moment on, I am your Mistress. Get down on your hands
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You know I care about you — I like to treat my friends like love
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Let me help you explore your sensuality and guide you deeper int
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I propose something new for our play time: erogenous zones only.
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We have to keep quiet, but I'm not going to make it easy for you
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After the loss of your first love, I was there to support you in
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Well, well, well...look who's back for more. [F4A] [For All Gend
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Let me guide you through giving yourself the gift of pleasure. [
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A quick break from work with my new toy. [F4A] [For All Genders]
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You overhear my phone call and confront me about it. [F4A] [For
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Let me hold you and help you relax. [F4A] [For All Genders] [Gui
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Great. Now I have to spend my *one* free weekend reading case fi
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A quick minute to breathe and get back to center. [M4A] [Safe fo
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Hey — want to have a check in? Did you see Barbie? [M4A] [Ramble
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I can’t say that I want to get back together, but I have been th
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Let's see what happens when I just moan into your ears... [M4A]
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I know you have to leave, and I am happy for you. Still...I feel
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Take a moment with me to relax and check in on yourself. Let me
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Just comforting you before you fall asleep... [F4A] [SFW] [GFE]
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Just a sleepy session before bed talking about the things that t
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How's work? Come over here — I miss you. [F4A] [GFE] [Girlfriend
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You catch my eye at our mutual friend's party, and I come over t
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Oop — I thought you were at work... [F4A] [NB4A] [For All Gender
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Can you wash me baby? With the rose soap? [F4A] [NB4A] [For All
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You make me nervous — like, this moment is making me feel things
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I teach you how to make me finish while giving you praise and gu
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I guide you and your partner through a relaxing, intimate experi
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I'm going to take a short break while I'm out on the road. I wan
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I know how hard it is to get to the gym some days. (One part SFW
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Hey, it's me. I really can't wait for you to get home. [F4A] [Ph
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Oof, we are approaching risky territory with these rambles. Feel
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My flight got delayed and all I wanted to do was go home. Now I
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I've been exploring my body — the places that have been neglecte
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You’re a tornado of crime no man could contain. Finally, after o
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Let me tell you about my day. [F4A] [For All Genders] [Story Tim
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I just miss *that* feeling — it's one we've talked about before.
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Lay down with me and unwind. [F4A] [ASMR] [For All Genders] [Mus
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I miss you, and I just can’t get you out of my mind. [F4A] [Mast
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It has come to my attention that I have yet to do a guided self-
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I’m away at college now, and we catch up and reminisce. [F4A] [S
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So much to do, so little time — take a moment to relax with me.
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Me, toys, no script, and you. [M4A] [Ramble] [Direct to Listener
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I can't wait to kiss you. [F4A] [For All Genders] [Slow] [Romant
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Just calling to let you know I'm gonna be in town next week. [F4
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It's been a while since I've caught you up on my life. [F4A] [Vo
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I don't have anything special planned, but I'd love to see you.
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You and I have drifted apart — and I definitely didn’t expect to
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I honestly don't care what day it is. I just want to be with you
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Today is about me — and I’m not letting anything stop me. [F4A]
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I never beg, but this time is different. [F4A] [FSub] [For All G
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I’m channeling all of my “missing you” into this audio. [F4A] [F
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My brain's firing, and I figured I have to at least share with y
21,083 plays
I'm sorry I didn't communicate better while I still had the chan
2,126 plays
Discussing what Dom, Degradation, and Primal mean to me. [M4A] [
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Is it true what they say? "The more the merrier?" [M4A] [Ramblef
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Your subby boyfriend finds out a secret you've been hiding. [M4A
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You really know what you're doing. [M4A] [Moaning] [Whimpering]
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After a rough few weeks, it's good to get a little boost with my
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Just a little ASMR growling and moaning for your Monday morning.
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No storytelling this time — just me. [M4A] [Ramble] [Unscripted]
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I *really* need to get these reports done. [F4A] [GFE] [Shoulder
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I understand it's hard to love as much as I do, but could you pl
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I'm so grateful you visited me. I wish it didn't have to end, bu
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I've always dreamed of visiting this place. It's such an strange
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What are you doing up so early? Are you sure you don't want to g
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I'm having trouble sleeping. Is it weird if I get in bed with yo
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I was home alone and had a solo-session. [Audio by Peach] [F4A]
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I can't believe we are actually homeowners. This all feels like
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I can't believe I got paired with you for this project. Yes I'm
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Everyone's out for the day. [F4A] [Empty House] [Overheard] [Sol
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