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audios that include profanity, intense language, or loaded dirty talk

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He should keep his hands to himself.

[M4F] [MDom] [Fundraising Gala] [Schmoozing Benefactors] [Possessive] [Jealous] [Controlling] [Coat Room] [Good Girl] [Degradation] [Strong Language] [Blowjob] [Oral] [Rough] [L-Bombs] [Penetration]

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No, it's over. I'm disgusted that you even called me.

[M4F] [Very Rough] [MDom] [Argument] [Seduction] [Hate Sex] [Degradation] [Oral] [Toxic] [Exhibitionist] [Window Sex] [Strong Language] [Moaning] [Dildo] [Forgiveness]

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I didn’t get the promotion. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

[M4F] [Work Stress] [Boyfriend] [Letting It Out] [Very Rough MDom] [Angry] [Primal] [Lots of Degradation] [Moaning] [Oral] [Facial] [Strong Language] [Penetration] [L-Bombs] [Aftercare] [Rough] [Degradation]

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I said hush, baby. You never learn, do you?

[M4F] [Rough] [Ramble] [No Intro] [Strong Language] [Switch From Praise to Intense Degradation] [MDom] [Safe Word] [Choking] [Spitting] [Spanking] [Smacking] [Degradation] [Oral] [Praise] [Bilingual] [Aftercare]

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It's almost like you want to get caught.

[M4F] [Mean MDom] [Coworkers] [Conference] [Degradation] [Condescending] [Rough] [Infidelity] [Daddy] [Strong Language] [Fingering] [Choking] [Penetration] [Tasting Yourself] [Oral] [Facial] [MDom]

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You deserve breath-stealing kisses.

[M4F] [MDom] [Strong Language] [BDSM] [Bondage] [And Needy] [Spanking] [Marking] [Exhibitionism] [Toys] [Dirty Talk] [Poetic] [Passionate] [Praise] [Degradation] [Moaning] [Heavy Breathing]

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